All core processes except for production are managed with the MOVEX ERP SYSTEM.
The MOVEX system serves as the database for sales and marketing, accounting, purchasing, maintenance and pre-production activities.

There is a permanent interface between the MOVEX and the KIWIPLAN systems.

The production process is managed by KIWIPLAN.
The KIWIPLAN production planning system was specifically designed for corrugated cardboard plants.
Beyond being merely a tool, this software is a complete management approach based on the theory of constraints.
The system is built as a pyramid of several hundred parameters, all based upon three principles: meeting delivery dates,
 identifying bottlenecks, and savings and efficiency in the production process.
The planning system checks itself every 20 minutes, and according to the accrued data, rearranges the plant program.
All production and marketing departments are connected to the KIWIPLAN and operate accordingly.

Over the years, I.M.A. and KIWIPLAN have developed a strong bond and working relationship.
Today we can say that I.M.A. is one of the world’s leading implementers of KIWIPLAN.

The inventory and transportation of corrugated boards are automatically managed by AVANTI CONVEYING SYSTEMS.
The AVANTI system maintains a permanent interface with KIWIPLAN, which provides the production data.

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