I.M.A. Mission

To provide packaging solutions to our customers, that optimally protect and promote their products.

I.M.A. Vision

We strive to be our customers’ preferred partner, working to build long-term reciprocally rewarding relationships.
We work as an integrated network, earning our customers’ respect and trust by providing innovative solutions and
reliable service.
We attract entrepreneurially minded people who are proud to be part of I.M.A., affording them every opportunity
to succeed.
We aim to set the standard for innovation, growth and profitability in our industry.
We are strongly committed to sustainable development.

I.M.A. Values
  • Contribution to our customers' success, providing win-win solutions.
  • Zero tolerance for unsafe behavior.
  • Commitment to protecting the environment.
  • Respect and encouragement of staff diversity.
  • A culture based on decisiveness, simplicity, cost-consciousness and accountability.
  • Expectations of ethical behavior and high performance from our employees.
  • Encouragement of open-mindedness and a spirit of innovation.
Our values define our interactions with our customers.
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