Meeting customers' needs
                     I.M.A.’s core focus is both the customers and their clients. As a result, there is a partnership between I.M.A. and its customers that provides
                     optimal solutions for everyone involved.

                     Advertising and Promoting the Packaged Product
                     I.M.A.'s Graphics Department creates visual concepts that propel advertising and promotion of customers' products.
                     The department is responsible for pre-press and supervises printing.

                 Protecting Packaged Goods and Easing Package Handling
                     The Product Design Department develops packages that adhere to packaged goods requirements.
                     The department designs unique solutions to protect goods and to enable gripping between boxes.
                     Our boxes are palletized according to customers' requirements and are customized to their packing and palletizing systems.

                     Safeguarding against Harsh Transportation and Storage Conditions
                     Our cardboard boxes are built to withstand harsh conditions during transportation by land, air and sea.
                     They must also suit cooling and humidity conditions dictated by their contents and are optimized for the end customer's storage conditions.
                     Our agriculture boxes are capable of carrying heavy loads over long stretches of time, safely delivering merchandise to its destination.

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