Environmentally Friendly:

We believe that corrugated cardboard
is the ideal packaging solution.
It is biodegradable, it is made primarily
of recycled materials and it emits less
greenhouse gases than all other packaging alternatives.

I.M.A. is owned by the community where its plant is located.
As a result, since its establishment,
we have been engaged in protecting
our environment.
In the past, monitoring only addressed noise and odors.
Today, with increased awareness
of environmental protection,
we recycle all materials involved
in the production process.
   All our raw materials (paper, ink and glue) are recyclable and environmentally friendly.
   40% of our raw material is recycled paper. All paper and cardboard waste generated in the production process is recycled.
   The water waste resulting from our packaging production process is recycled and used for manufacturing glue in our
   In addition, we have established I.M.A. Recycling Collection Depot, where we collect all our inorganic waste to be recycled.
   I.M.A. is certified for the standard ISO 14001.
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