Kibbutz Ein Hamifratz.

I.M.A. is owned by Kibbutz Ein
The kibbutz was founded in 1938
on uninhabited swampland
neighboring the city of Akko
by members of the Galician
Hashomer Hatzair movement.
Over the years, several groups
joined in.
Today the kibbutz population is
about 750.

Like most kibbutz socialist
communities, during its initial years
its economy relied upon agriculture.

I.M.A. was founded in 1963
as a small workshop.
As of today, the kibbutz economy
relies primarily on I.M.A., as well
as on other industrial and agricultural
branches such as: Yamaton, Atifit,
A.E.Bio-Ecology, dairy farming,
field crops, orchards, aquaculture,
a nursery and more.
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