I.M.A. - Supplier of Excellence for Coca-Cola

 We are proud that I.M.A. has been chosen as the Supplier of
 Excellence for the Coca-Cola Company for 2013.
 We are always pleased to provide the highest standard of service
 and products for all our customers.

 Two I.M.A. products were awarded
 the Israeli Star prize for 2013.

  I.M.A. Celebrates 50 Years!

   On December 15th 2013, I.M.A. turned 50.
   A few words from Tuval Tzur, CEO of I.M.A., launching the anniversary celebrations:
   We have gathered here today because I.M.A. was acquired on this day, fifty years ago.
   Today is the company’s 50th birthday!
   The logic behind the decision at the time was that as a perishable product,
   packaging supplies will provide a steady income. This logic continues to prove itself
   true to this day.
   Today, we are a large, efficient company in the field of corrugated carton packaging
   in Israel and worldwide. We provide packaging to roughly 2,000 customers,
   from Majdal Shamsup north to Eilat down south.
   I’d like to thank all those who took part in this endeavor, managers and employees,
   throughout the years.
   May we all continue to improve, and may I.M.A. provide and prosper for many years
   to come.

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