Trays for industry and agriculture.
  Trays can be either manually folded, or automatically folded by an erecting machine.
  The trays for agriculture produce are shipped from Israeli packing plants to markets worldwide.
  Their structure is designed to carry heavy weight and withstand high box compression, for long stretches
  of time and under difficult conditions.

 Folding Boxes - RSC

  Regular Slotted Containers
  Folding boxes are made of a single-cut cardboard sheet, folded and glued by an automatic gluing machine.
  The boxes arrive folded at the customer's facility and are erected as part of the product packaging process.

  Telescoping Boxes - HSC
  Half Slotted Containers
  Packages which combine two separated folding boxes.
  The bottom one fits into the top box, producing a strong packaging solution.

  Suitcase Boxes
  Boxes shaped as suitcases.
  This product is a one-piece box with a self-locking lid with optional additional handles.
  The boxes are both lightweight and have handles that facilitate easy carrying, adding to the advantages
  of the packaged product.
  They are ideal as shelf packages for a variety of products, such as baked goods, holiday presents,
  cleaning materials, nylon cling-wrap and more.

  Cut Out Wrap  
  A box that wraps around the product, creating a large printable area, thus helping to promote and distinguish it
  from other products. Mainly used for soft drinks.

  Display Boxes
  Boxes designed as a stands, aiming to promote the product by displaying it openly.
  Besides its advertising aspect, the special structure ensures stability and easy in carrying.

  Dividers and Protective Items
  Made of corrugated cardboard and designed to protect the packaged product.
  The dividers reinforce the box's strength and durability.

  Corrugated Cardboard Sheets
  Corrugated cardboard sheets in various sizes and weights.

  And... anything else that you may think of, and can be made out of cardboard.

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