Quality and Professionalism - Essential for Excellence
 IMA's comprehensive quality control system encompasses every department.
 All processes at I.M.A. undergo monitoring and inspection.
 Each department is responsible for the quality of its output, and analyzes
 the performance of the previous stage in the development and production process.
 Samples of all raw materials are examined upon entering the plant.
 Products are tested both during and following production in order to ensure that
 they meet standards defined by the customer.
 Upon completion of the production process, merchandise is palletized,
 marked with an identification tag and a sample, packed, loaded and sent to customers
 throughout Israel according to required delivery times.

Raw Material Testing
 I.M.A.'s quality laboratory thoroughly checks paper grammage, paper moisture,
 paper resistance to compression, flute resistance to flat crush and to compression,
 color matching to the I.M.A. color catalogue, glue solids content and more.

 Production Process Testing
 Production workers operate as quality inspectors, identifying and sorting faulty
 boards and boxes.
 With this goal in mind they carefully examine board warp, board calliper, board
 distortion, board and box dimensions, bonding in RSC products, box folding and
 erecting, ink viscosity and printing.

 Final Product Tests
 Following production, other tests are conducted by the quality laboratory including
 board and box strength, as well as board and box weight tests.

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